pole-dancer200h-iconPole Dancer: (Click image for video) This is a pole dancer video I produced to illustrate the dynamic quality by which body projection mapping enhances movement from 4 angles.




GoggleW200h_iconAerialist: (Click image for video) Projections with one aerialist on hammock from just 2 angles. Motion graphics are edited precisely to the music. Produced for  Quixotic Technologies, Google Woman production.




Ballet Dancer: (Click image for video) Demo produced for Luminario Ballet of Los Angeles. Illustrates illumination based on stage lighting  concepts just for dance from many angles.






Luminario Ballet of Los Angeles show Trials: (Click image to view video) Utilizes body projection mapped performers. Example of integrating CGI motion graphics plus background video projection to support the piece. Tight budgets for shows often mean lack of stage lighting specials to back light dancers. Lighting designers who refuse to collaborate or artist directors who want lots of light on their dancers thus washing out projection. Also problems of not having an extra day for tech rehearsal. For this show I had just 4 hours after having spent 3 months in production for time-lapse video and CGI graphics.





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