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Aerialist Performances have always been a very dynamic art form. Now in collaboration with a media artist who has specialized in atmospheric projections, we present a unique ennobling world-class experience. Beautiful surreal power of choreographed aerialist routines with saturated complex visuals. These scripted atmospheres are ideal for clubs, corporate events, festivals, concert halls and celebrations of all kinds.

MOVEMENT+ART+TECHNOLOGY Body /Projection Mapping:
Designed specifically to accent kinetic movement verses defining the motion.  A variety of both analog and digital medias with extensive 25 years of staged both large and small shows. Pattern motifs are both digital and hand etched by a professional artist. Depending on the production budget, we can  complete show control for large venues or smaller intimate audiences. Conventional lighting designers use several gobo patterns for tight budgets.  To fully appreciate the unique nature of this work, view my current on-line demo that covers aerialist, pole, burlesque dancers plus ballet.


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