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Overview: While I lived in Las Vegas I saw the show Crazy Horse Paris some 6 times. My intent was to become one of their designers for shows. They kept asking me oh, you are doing like us?

Body Mapping is only 10x more complex than the static front approach they have done since the mid 50’s.  One pattern from the front for each act. Colored stage lighting from the sides was the norm. Color wheels for one-act, soft edge spots for the faces and a laser for another act. They have now included video projection from the front and shadow screen. Then, because I was not French I could work for them. Interesting attitude, yes?

As it remains today Body Mapping is still too complex for even for a lighting designer. Many have asked just how do you create your look. To be frank, I dare you to copy it!

I know, many still photographers like to use nude models and use a pattern or two in the traditional approach to create abstract silhouettes. Virtually every “VJ” has projected their patterns from the front, thus creating a shadow on the screen. In the vast general sense it’s not the same process as I have achieved from the late 70’s.


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