A professional new media Graphic Designer, Illustrator, Videographer and Photographer with corporate, theater, dance theater and club installation experience. Current concentration is video content design, producing / directing, motion graphics and computer illustration. Most important though body mapping development.

From a frustration with structured flat screen video and film media formats, I developed a method of bringing drawing and photography together for projection onto performers “body mapping” utilizing various medias. With an academic BFA in Drawing and Photography for medical illustration, With illustration I mastered turning form with tones, “body mapping” I utilized scientific illustration to turn form with a line.

In the past I utilized a variety of tools to include Macintosh, transparency markers, retouching knifes, exacto knife, scalpel, dental tools, needles (hot or cold), and even nails to produce textures. 1,200 film images were scanned from an scripted archive of 5k, retouched in photoshop. Coupled with digital illustrations composited with Adobe Motion and Adobe Final Cut. Integrating scanned hand manipulated film, video pre and post plus cgi make up my media platform.

Creating concise and dimensionally stimulating productions that mesmerize a viewer with “magic”

Group Exhibitions: Drawing

1988 C-R Gallery, 33 Photographs, Camera techs and C.E. Rynd Fine Arts, Seattle, WA.

1984 Wing Luke Museum Auction Exhibition, Photography, Seattle, WA.

1984 YMCA Annual Auction, Drawing, Seattle, WA.

1977 1st Annual Bankers Juried Drawing Exhibition, Honorable Mention, Miami, Florida.

1976 Ohio University Drawing Exhibition, Juried by Jane Brown, Honorable Mention, Cleveland, Ohio.

1974 Merritt College Exhibition, Oakland, California.

1969 Waterloo Juried Drawing Exhibition, Waterloo Center for the Arts, Waterloo, Iowa.
One Man Shows: Photography

1987 Penryn Gallery, PhotoArt Exhibition, Seattle, WA
Multi-Image Performances “body mapping”
San Francisco, CA
May ’11 Quixotic Dance Technology’s “Google Woman”
Staged body projections for an aerialist performing on Hammock and set fabric piece. Video cgi wallpaper for 5 dance acts.

Dec ’14 Luminario Ballet: Trails, Environmental Ballet                       Staged multi projector show with body mapping onto dancers + video with original content.

June ’14 Luminario Ballet: Trails, Environmental ballet                                 Staged multi projector show with body mapping onto dancers + video with original content.

June ’10 Quixotic Dance Technology’s “Google Woman”
Staged body projections for an aerialist performing on Hammock and set fabric piece.

Las Vegas: Multi Media Performances

Feb. ’07 NBA Allstar07: Forever First Enterprises
Provided Art Projections to illuminate the structured tent interior. Integrated 8 projection points for 16 projectors.

Feb. ’06 Las Vegas Magazine Event: Greenspan Corp.
Provided Art Projections from 8 projection points to illuminate 2 aerialist and 2 pole dancers. Each performer had a 2 point center configuration to illuminate them with projections.

Sept. ’05 – May’07 ICE HOUSE Lounge
Provided Multi-point Art Projections onto both the inside and outside of buildings walls for various events to include 1st Friday. The entrance is a canvas for projections, beaded curtains are a 3d experience, stonewalls become a canvas for a motion painting. Plasma monitors display video of both aerialists and dancers in action.

Sept. ’05 Nocturnal Wonderland: Festival
Provided Multi-point Art Projections onto several aerialist acts such of silks and lyra from 360“ in the round. Used a 4 point center configuration to accomplish the performers lighting.

April ’05 – Aug ’05 Aruba Hotel: Vegas Artists Spaced Invaders 1st Friday
After Party
Provided Multi-point Art Projections onto the spandex screen sets.

April ’05 Mandalay Bay: Epicurean Affair Ultra Lounge
Provided Multi-point Art Projections along with a laser onto various aerialist act such as silks and lyra from 360“ in the round. Used a 4 point center configuration to accomplish the performer lighting.

Jan. ’01 Quixote Studios: New Years Eve Event
Provided Multi-point Art Projections along with a laser onto an aerialist act such of silks from 360“ in the round. Used a 4 point center configuration to accomplish the performer lighting.
Seattle: Multi Media Performances

June 20&21 ‘97 Seattle Center artsEdge Festival, International Water
Fountain Kaleidoscope
Utilizing the fountains existing capability for sound, lighting, basin structure and controlled water jets make it a truly ideal site in the round. Some 1200 hand-painted slides are projected onto the fountains water surface via 16 slide projectors from 4 directions. The effect is quite holographic due to the physics of projecting into water where images are seen on the opposite side of the water fountain only. The spectacle was truly an interactive lighting experience with 4 belly dancers illuminated with images in the round. Seattle world beat band MerKaBa performed live, completing the event worthy of the Summer Solstice.

MerKaBa: light-show
Providing light show support for the band. Hemp Festival Benefit at Fenix Underground, OK Hotel and Pratt Art Center.

Dec. ’96 Mythological Ball: CybeRover light show
Provided a 8 projector light show onto 300 dancers via 4 point center staging scheme, 3 point center onto the band MerKaBa and a 5 point center projections onto belly dancer Delilah in the round.

1995 SuperSonic Soul Pimps: light show
Created a new technique for presenting slides on stage live called cybeRover. It’s basically holding the projector in hand and following the performers on stage, like a small follow spot, but with 4 people roving in front of the band, lighting whatever we please.

Sept. ’92-4 Garden of Secrets: light show
Presented environments that enhanced the band in live concerts around Seattle

Aug. ’87 Bellevue School System: The Phantom Tollbooth
Artist in Residence; Designed and produced multi-image portion with both front and rear projections with film and slides.

Sept. ’84 Union Bay Sportswear: Clothing Apparel: Media Artist
Worked with 2 other multimedia producers to create a 12 projector computer programmed show that became the backdrop for models on a runway. The purpose of the show was to introduce the apparel fashions to buyers from around the nation for the fall season. Participated in scripting, photography and running the performance.

Dec. ’83 Danceworks Northwest: Contours
Collaboration with modern dance choreographer, Joanna Shaw. Designed and produced multi-image environment, utilizing hand made slides. Used swirling motion compositions that accentuated dancers movements.

Nov. ’83 Spectrum Dance Theater: Eyeplay
Produced in collaboration with modern/ballet choreographer Carol Thaler. Created virtual environments via hand made super slides projected onto dancers from both sides of the stage(45 degrees to center) using two stations of two slide projectors and one dissolve.

Sept. ’83 Bumbershoot: Spectrum Dance Theater: Eyeplay

Aug. ’83 On The Boards: Ping Chong Performance Workshop: Media Artist
Responsible for producing multi-image environment with four projectors and two dissolve units. The show later was again performed in New York City to rave reviews.

Aug. ’83 Bellevue School System: Alice in Wonderland
Artist in Residence; Designed and produced multi-image portion utilizing six projectors and three dissolve units between three stations, all of which was rear projected onto the set.

Nov. ’82 Spectrum Dance Theater: Jenny and Dale, Interior Landscapes and Reflections
Designed shows using photography, original hand made images, and the sets.

July ‘82 On The Boards: Choreography Etc.: Premiere of Reflections
Presented a 4 projector single screen overlay piece. The theme was to showcase the wide range of textures and patterns possible when you combine hand made slides(i.e. dental tools, retouching knifes or bleach) with photographs of water reflections, waterfalls, crystals, clouds, photographed with a wide array of filters such as polarization and spectral filters.

May The Green River Dance Co.: Jenny and Dale
Presented in collaboration with Carol Thaler a multi-image production. The theme was one of transitions. The entrance of the two dancers was pre-shoot in slides and then projected on stage in sequence until the real dancers appeared on stage live.

May Bellevue School System: Oliver
Artist in Residence; Designed and produced multi-image portion which was rear projected onto the set.

Feb. On The Board Choreography Etc.: Jenny and Dale
Premiere of multi-image piece in collaboration with Carol Thaler.

Feb.-March Alley Art: The Dedication of Gasworks Park as a Spaceship Landing Site 3482A.D Collaboration with a theater group, produced multi-image portion outside at Gasworks Park. .
San Francisco Bay Area Multi Media Performances:

April 1981 The Infinite Forum Visual Arts Recording Festival, Oakland, CA: Juror & Eyeplay
Juror in the intermedia category and intermedia piece Eyeplay.

Dec.-Jan. ’80 Intersection Community Center, San Francisco and Berkeley: The Last News Show by Scoop Nisker. Presented multimedia performance support for a musical comedy review.

Nov. ’80 Valencia Tool and Die, San Francisco:
Staged multi media projection piece with 2 dancers and 4 projection points Eyeplay.

Sept. ’80 San Francisco Dance Theater, Fall season: Desert & Eyeplay
Desert, a piece utilizing a performer and scripted for four projectors. Presented new intermedia version of Eyeplay in collaboration with Carol Thaler, scripted for 2 modern dancers, 4 slide projectors and a 16mm film projector.

Aug. ’80 Wilks Bashford; SF, CA; International Pre-line Fashion Show, Media Artist
International apparel pre-line event showcasing major international clothing designers such as Ralph Lauren, Bill Blass, Liz Claiborne and others. Involved with set construction to create a “winged” staging platform that rotated. It was comprised of three areas to alternate model ramps and ‘wings” covered with aircraft aluminum 20′ high in places.

I was responsible for the Design and production of the multi-image portion of the show. Created opening segment comprising of hand made slides created by perching plastic blanks with a hot needle. Patterns of concentric circle were projected to animate on the “winged” set from 3 directions climaxing with ‘Wilks Bashford” on two wings opposite one another. Segments to support speakers and segment to close the event. Event was well reviewed and received high praise in the media.

May ’80 Vorpal Gallery, San Francisco: Futurama Production: Omega
Premiere in collaboration with dancers/choreographers Carol Thaler and Sharonjean Leeds.

March ’80 College of Marin: 3×3
Performed with Gwendolyn Watson and Sakellariou flute music .

March ’80 Stanford University, Stanford Dance Quorum: premiered 3×3
Premiere with cellist Gwendolyn Watson and dancer Marika Sakellariou.

Jan. ’80 DansFrancisco concerts at San Francisco Dance Theater, San Francisco: premiered Transparency 3 & Helios
Premiere of Transparency 3 with cellist and composer Gwendolyn Watson. Presented Helios also.

Dec. 1979 Japan Center Theater, San Francisco
Wilkes Bashford fashion show “December 3rd.” Created original handmade
graphic slide images that were projection onto a rotating stage set using 6
high intensity projectors from 3 points.

Aug. ’79 San Francisco Dance Theater, Fall season: Helios

May ’79 Multi-Image showcase, San Francisco: Clouda
Presented multi-image revised version of Clouda.

March ’79 San Francisco Dance Theater, Spring season: Mask Dance & premiered Helios
Presented revised score of Mask Dance and premiered Helios, an intermedia piece for five ballet dancers in collaboration with choreographer Carol Thaler. Helios was scripted for 8 slide projectors and 4 dissolve units.

Jan. ’79 Skylight Studio, Oakland: Eyeplay and Clouda
Performed multi-image pieces Eyeplay and Clouda in a shared performance with the Blake Street Hawkyes.

Jan. ’79 Intersection, San Francisco: Eyeplay and premiered Clouda
Produced concert in collaboration with Carol Thaler. Performed Eyeplay and premiered Clouda with a music score conceived from a workshop with Bob Ernst of the Blake Street Hawkyes. These two pieces used 6 slide projectors and 3 dissolve units.

Oct. ’78 Palace of Fine Arts, San Francisco: premiered Mask Dance
San Francisco Dance Theater fall season premiere of Mask Dance in collaboration with dancer/choreographer Carol Thaler.

May ’78 Skylight Studio, Oakland, CA: premiered Eyeplay and City Lights
Produced premiere of Eyeplay and City Lights. These pieces used 6 slide projector and 3 dissolve units.

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