Note: All of the above images are low resolution. If you want an image then go to my on-store and buy it there. I have live Word fence to track every visitor, so blocking is easy and yes, I use it everyday.

Overview: This series represents a media art form I started in 1976 after changing medias from hyper realistic drawing with silver point and pencil. The tools used for direct hand manipulation were dental picks, retouching knifes, and hot needles. Color comes either from the photos/negative or azure dyes. I have since scanned in high-resolution and layered a handful in Photoshop. They are of an abstract nature suitable for canvas prints. Especially the etched color series as they are a cross-over for abstract/texture paintings we see every day. The beauty is that being printed on canvas I go back and retouch the image again thus making each print a mono print original.


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