Dancers: Delphine Perroud and Alexander Stabler – Photo: Brain Marking

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Overview: Dance and Burlesque have always been dynamic art forms. Now with 720p HD motion graphics and recent video media server options we are able present a unique ennobling world-class experience. The beautiful surreal power of routines with saturated visuals with best of old and new school media technology. This innovative approach is ideal for corporate events, festivals, and celebrations of all kinds.

Body Mapping: Designed specifically to accent kinetic movement verses defining the motion. In layman terms, point counter point interactivity. Mixed media “body mapping.”  Using a variety of medias and extensive experimentation precise pattern motifs are both digital and hand etched. Show Control is with either a Video Media Server with up to 8 video projectors or smaller venues with just 4 projectors for intimate audiences. Conventional lighting designers use conservative gobo designs because of tight budgets so default design motifs are over used. To fully appreciate the unique nature of this work, either view a demo at the link below that showcases pole dancers, ballet dancers, burlesque,  and aerialist .


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