Presidents of the United States, Dave Deter,
“Incredible Images”

The Seattle Times; Carol Beers, “…References to Alwin Nicolais’s multimedia experiments came thick and fast.”

Mr. Norm Langill; Bumbershoot Festival,
“Through the use of minimal equipment, the company produced some exciting and stunning visual effects.”

San Francisco Chronicle; Heuwell Tircuit; “…Eyeplay was a stunning event that grabbed and held one’s attention.”

Marin Scope; Dick Moore “The evenings high-points ……Paul Ackerman’s slide projection presentation, Transparency 3. …Ackerman’s original and effective slides.”

Independent Review; Marin
Dance review;  “…Ackerman provided uniquely different multi-image abstractions… …the effect was undeniably ennobling.”

Marin Scope; Kate Regan
“Helios…..was the most ambitious piece on the program, using an elaborate abstract sculptural set and complicated projections and lighting effects. At first, the dancers were almost overpowered by the flashing, changing light projections, but later developed a lyrical, flowing play…Particularly moving is a sequence where the dancers move in and out of the light…”

San Francisco Chronicle; Heuwell Tircuit; “Mask Dance…It featured several interludes for light projections fantasies…”

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