Dancer: Tiia Rowley – Body Projection Mapping: Paul E. Ackerman

Demo 2016

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An  avant-garde approach to FX/lighting physical theater termed “body mapping.” Utilizing both analog art techniques like digitally scanned hand painting/etching/film and digital motion graphics since the late 70’s. This coupled with cost-effective visual programming software solutions for video show-control.

Creating edgy dynamic atmospheric shows with a hands on approach for multiple video projectors. Coupled with devices like LED hoops, lasers, black lights and interactivity opens up more options.


Demo 2012

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Groundbreaking work with a visual sense that can only be described as rich, powerful, and enchantingly surreal with a painterly approach for live physical theater. This marks a major paradigm shift in combining many disciplines and stage lighting for dance/movement.

With an academic degree in drawing and photography this approach focuses on extensive original motion graphics, years of experimentation with performers from various movement disciplines like ballet, acrobat, aerials, contortion, fire poi and burlesque.

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