Paul Ackerman
1100 Central BLVD, Hayward, CA • vm: (702) 336-5207
Email: [email protected]
Visual Design Portfolio:

Objective: Visual Designer’GUI Designer
Videographer, Illustrator, Graphic Designer, Video editing and Compositing. Event projection & production support. Proven ability to work with in a corporate team or independently.

Medias; Motion Graphics, pre/post production Final Cut Pro Studio and Adobe After Effects compositing since ’94. Professionally used Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator extensively since 1993. Work with various encoders, animated gifs, Adobe CS Suite, extensive digital photographic manipulation. Weaving icons, typography, color, texture is my mainstay cross many medias.

Currently; Motion Graphics, video content producer and show production. Installations utilizing video, transMedia body mapping with theatrical stage lighting. Corporate GUI designer, illustrator, photographer.

Playboy Reality show: Feb. ’09
Provided my art projections onto dancer Anabel HD video footage to be used for
Segment transitions. Shoot in Las Vegas at the Palomino club.

Luminario Ballet: Feb. ’09
Provided my art projections onto 2 ballet dancer for a photo and video shoot to
Highlight the new LA contemporary dance company’s direction. Edited the
photos and video.
Video promo:

Professional Illustrator/ GUI Designer:
Microsoft: GUI designer/illustrator for Windows 2001 Streaming Administration Media Server, foundation design concepts for Media 9
July ‘00 – Jan ’01 – Designed new media icons for international server interface controls. Created GUI incorporating real-time spec readouts for “at a glance” administration monitoring. Created graphics for Wizard media set, Extensive database documentation to facilitate UI designer and software developers daily builds. Wrote functionality design specifications and documented design/illustration processes. Worked on campus in the Digital Media Division on Windows Server2000 OS.

Fremont Chamber of Commerce Web Site Design/Illustration 2001
Official web site for the Fremont Chamber of Commerce. Interfaced with staff art director to carry over an existing design concept from a brochure to an informative resource site for the Fremont business community. Extensive listings of all local businesses with links to include appropriate reference business sources.; Web site development, ‘97(refer to my web sites build)
Manufacture of fine buckwheat hull pillows. Developed site to accommodate retail and wholesalers support with updated product information, recipe ideas, newsletter, feedback for favorite Bucky stories, questions about buckwheat hulls, links page, on-line, catalog and retail store reference locations.

Northwest Network; Web site design, Designer/Illustrator ‘97 (refer to my web site for examples) Designed site’s main interface units for optimal speed and functionality. Provided art units, as client is an Internet service provider they are capable of maintaining their own site.

Microsoft; Secure Electronic Technology (SET), Advanced Technology, Graphical Interface Designer, Sept.’95-March ’96
Designed, directed and produced a photo Illustrated sequence with a Wizard format for purchasing on the worldwide Web via Secure Electronic Technology. Interface steps people through on-line credit card transactions and on-line credit card registration process. The challenge for me was to present a complicated process in common visual gestures.

Microsoft; CD-ROM Catalog Exposition, Lead Designer, GUI, Illustrator, Production Manager, Aug.’94 – Aug.’95
Supervised 3 people locally to build 3 languages trained 1 person to go to Microsoft’s Ireland campus as a Design lead supervising 2 people for producing 4 languages. Responsible for Interface Design, 2D/3D Illustration, Content Design and Production Management. Catalog is shipping with Windows 95, CD-ROM Catalog insert with Ziff-Davis magazines, MacMillian Publishing Magazines, given away at Trade Shows and serves as a stand-alone Kiosk in retail stores with a take home version. Shipped 10.5 Million in Canadian market 50 million overall, 50 million overall. Created design/graphics for Microsoft’s WWW Products Catalog Site.

Edmark; Virtual Tales, Graphic Designer,’94
Responsible for character development of graphic elements that would animate, be stationary, rotate, and automatically adjusts against 7 backgrounds. Advised and directed staff on steps in creating a multimedia video studio for images captures of people and objects for integration into the title.

Microsoft; Sendak, A Children’s Encyclopedia, Cell Animation,’94
Cell illustration of various animals and objects that would be activated when selected in the graphic interface screen. Used Photoshop to Illustrate and Macromind Director for compiling 8-50 frame animation sequences.

Microsoft; Bookshelf 94, Illustration,’94
Provided production and illustration for CD-ROM Macintosh version. Created icons, image manipulation for 7-interface splash screens conversion of animation’s to be embedded Quick Time movies and created artwork for the product demo.

Traveling Software; Lap-link V, Graphic Designer,’93
Created 24-interface application Icons for the new upgraded version Lap-Link V.

Asymetrix; Compel, Design/Illustration,’93
Provided 3D illustration of musical notes integrated into the package design for Compel. Created screen saver images composed of computer art overlaid with manipulated video captured images of whales underwater and cruising on the surface in upgraded version of Media Blitz 3.0. Provided sequenced images for the animated screen saver. Icons design and illustration for the upgraded version of Toolbox 3.0.

Microsoft; Word Help User Education Group, Graphic Designer,’93
On-line design and illustration for PC version of Word 6.0 for Windows.  Responsible for design and creative use of art used in the application for on-line help. Worked on site, obtained a thorough working relationship with a large staff of editors, writers, technical support and design support for the Excel group.

Microsoft; Systems Production Group, Illustrator,’92
On-line illustrations of all related application screens and new icons. Application windows interface simulations and art for animated sequences for updated version of Windows Hyper guide showing all aspects of various applications function. Worked on-site, obtained a working knowledge of multimedia issues concerning interface of Mac and PC software and illustration concerns and limitations.

Tetra Tech, Inc.; Environmental Engineering Firm, Graphic Design/Illustration,’91-92
Provided 2D and 3D technical illustration, graphic design and photo manipulation.

Allstock Inc.; Stock Photography Agency, Graphic Designer,’90
Art Directed and Designed catalogs, National and Regional Ads. Established 15 different page formats from which catalogs are composed. All the formats included computer generated drop shadows created with Adobe Illustrator. Composition of pages was accomplished in Aldus PageMaker. Involved with coordinating computer image enhancement of stock images as manipulated by the color house. Established a distinctive style for a portfolio series showcasing world-renowned photographers.

REI Inc.; Marketing Dept., Graphic Design/Illustration,’89
Designed and illustrated a user education manual to accompany all bicycles sold by REI. Challenge was to make information accessible through a clean format and accurate information illustrated with line drawings.

SportsMind Inc.; Motivational Training, Graphic Designer,’85-88
Graphic Designer for an innovative motivational training firm. The goal is to integrate experiential learning into all facets of a company’s identification. Devised an analysis of human technological concepts to be used in all training and corporate support materials. Produced manuals, brochures, banners and multi-image shows. Many motifs were used to thoroughly illustrate techniques for Mind/Body integration. Accomplished this with an attitude of personal ownership and an opportunity to contribute to people’s personal growth.

Microsoft; MS Press, Design/Illustration,’84-85
Part of a small initial staff that produced the “MAC”, book written by Carry Lu. Contribution involved design, illustration and production. Was first exposed to the Apple Macintosh computer before public release. Participated in many other book productions as well.

Writers Publishing Co.; Book Publisher, Graphic Designer,’81-83
Responsible for all prepress production of books from initial manuscripts, to include design, illustration, mechanicals, process camera work, stripping and plate making. Produced an estimated 50 books.

Kaiser Aluminum & Chemical Corp.; SF, CA, Graphic Designer,’80-81
Responsible for corporate brochures, posters for gallery expositions, newsletters and audio video presentations. Worked in the corporate communications department and A/V department. Accomplished tasks by using a wide range of skills to best effectiveness within corporate guidelines.

Sirius Productions Ltd.; Technical/bio-medical Illustrator,’78-80
Created drawings specifically for college textbooks with subjects ranging from electronics to amniocentesis. Challenge for me was rendering with ink as my expertise was with the use of paint or pencils. Commended for ability to clearly depict with conviction items illustrated.

E d u c a t i o n:
University of California at Berkeley, CA, 1976
Advanced courses in technical and scientific illustration.

California College of Arts, B.F.A., 1975
Major in Illustration and minor in Photography, graduated with honors.

Areas of Effectiveness:
1. Software: Adobe:  Photoshop CS • Final Cut Studio Pro • Illustrator CS, • After Effects • InDesign CS, Dreamweaver CS • DVD Studio Pro • Isadora • Debabelizer • Fractal Painter • Soundtrack Pro • Motion • Acrobat Pro • WordPress • Toast • Retrospect • Word • Excel • Project, PowerPoint • Canvas X • FireFox • Safari • Fractal Poser • Norton Utilities • QuarkXPress • Texture Scape • Strata Studio Pro • Stuffit Deluxe • QuickBooks •

2. Project/People Management: Development of critical paths, Estimation process and Vender interface.

3. Photographic Image Manipulation: Usage of Photoshop to digitally enhance/alter images from either digital video or optical photography. Image usage considerations; print media, image format, cropping, and resolution scanner considerations for either optical or digital output.

4. Prepress Color: process color calibration of all related elements related to image control and coordinating with vendors to insure absolute accurate color rendition.

5. Multi-image: Production experience in both corporate and performing fine arts environments. A passion for interactive movement utilizing computer-generated images created with Adobe Illustrator, then hand-painted and etched in super slide format. My web site fully documents collaborations with dancer, aerialist and corporate theater.

6. Video Production/Post:  Final Cut Studio is very robust. Effects are also created with Adobe After Effects, the precursor to Final Cut Pro post editing software. Equipped with a professional still/video camera, professional lighting equipment for application either in the studio or field environments.

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